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Dr. John Shershow is a Pyschiatrist located in New York City


Find Treatment for Adult ADD / ADHD in NYC


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Dr. John Shershow’s Office Address:

Hours are by appointment only.

240 Central Park South
Suite 2H New York, NY 10019

For Questions and Appointments call:

(212) 265 4310


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Directions via Public Transportation



Our building (240 Central Park South) is at the intersection of 8th Avenue and 59th Street, known as Columbus Circle. Columbus Circle has a New York City Subway station complex shared by the IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line and the IND Eighth Avenue Line. It is served by:

1, A, and D trains at all times
C train at all times except late nights
B train during weekdays
2 train during late nights

Click here for HopStop Subway Map out directions to Columbus Circle from wherever you live in New York City.


M1 to Columbus Circle
M5 to Columbus Circle
M10 to Columbus Circle
M20 to 63rd Street & Broadway – Walk 3 blocks South
M31 to W. 57th Street & Broadway – Walk to 8th Avenue. Then walk North to 59th Street.
M57 to W. 57th Street & Broadway- Walk to 8th Avenue. Then walk North to 59th Street.
M104 to W. 61st St. Street & Broadway – Walk one block South


Directions From New Jersey

From NJ Lincoln Tunnel:

NJ Turnpike or Route 3 to Lincoln Tunnel. From the tunnel, exit onto 10th Avenue. Travel on 10th Avenue and make a right onto 58th Street. Travel on 58th Street to 8th Avenue and 58th Street and the Columbus Circle roundabout.

From NJ Holland Tunnel: From Tunnel, exit onto Canal Street. Travel West to the West Side Highway to 57th Street exit. Drive East to 8th Avenue. Turn onto 8th Avenue and drive North to Columbus Circle roundabout.

From Long Island:

Take the L.I.E. to the Midtown Tunnel. Follow signs to Uptown/West Side and go across town at 34th Street and 8th Avenue. Make a right onto 8th Avenue and proceed to 59th Street. Turn right onto Columbus Circle.