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Dr. John Shershow offers online consultations and treatments for adults with ADHD in Connecticut

Dr. Shershow is a Board Certified Psychiatrist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of Adult Attention Deficit Disorders. 


John C. Shershow, M.D.

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Symptoms of ADHD that occur in adulthood may have significant impacts on work, careers and relationships.

Dr. John Shershow specializes in diagnosing and treating Adult ADD and ADHD. After an initial consultation and diagnosis, Dr. Shershow will individualize treatment for each patient. Many find life-changing benefits from the use of modern medications.

Telemedicine enables Dr. Shershow to serve patients in the state of Connecticut.  ADHD Treatments are affordable. Many patients are able to use United Health Care’s out-of-network benefits.

Treatment for Adults with ADHD

Dr. Shershow is a Psychiatrist specializing in evaluating Adult Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms. Through online visits, he is able to provide prompt and effective treatment of Adult ADHD. If you have trouble concentrating or staying on task,  you may be suffering from adult ADD or ADHD. Prescription medicine may be prescribed and it often provides life-changing results.

Dr. Shershow is widely known as an expert in the treatment of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. He offers telemedicine consultations and treatments for patients in Connecticut.

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Satisfied Patients

“Professional and thoughtful in his practice. Good listener. Genuinely wants the best for his patients..”


“I could not have asked for a better first visit with Dr. Shershow. He was kind, funny, intelligent and cared about my medications and what plan was best for me. “