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What is Depression?

DepressionIt is estimated that yearly more than 14 million American adults have significant depression symptoms. Depression usually causes a continuing state of sadness, sometimes with nervousness or anxiety. Sleep and eating are often affected, and there is sometimes weight gain or loss. Patients often report a lack of interest in or pleasure from their usual activities, and they often experience difficultly concentrating or functioning at work.

A physician treating depression will usually begin with a single anti-depressant medication sometimes accompanied by psychotherapy. Dr. Shershow�s technique is to start a low dose of the medication and gradually increase the dose over a period of 2-4 weeks. By the 6th week of treatment the depression may be markedly improved. Often a second anti-depression augments the first, and the goal is to help the person�s mood to return to normal.

For Dr. Shershow, he always attempts to individualize treatment, with the aim of helping each patient conquer his or her depression, so he or she can return to a normal, depression-free life.


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